The current rescue card assists rescue services in providing aid in an emergency quickly and safely. It contains the most important information about your vehicle in compact form.

This knowledge helps to minimize any potential hazards to the vehicle's occupants and the rescue crews during rescue work and to ensure that proper casualty rescue can be performed quickly and safely.

Rescue cards for passenger cars
 (PDF , ca. 49112 KB)

Your rescue card: one download, one printout 

The rescue cards are available for download in different language versions for many model series from the start of production in 1979. We recommend that you print the card in color so you can understand and take in the content quickly.

You can use your computer's print function to print individual pages on any common printer.

To ensure the rescue cards are current and match the correct vehicle we do not provide printed versions.

If you have any questions regarding rescue cards, please send us an e-mail.